Classroom Technology Equipment

There is an incredible need for classroom technology equipment to be incorporated into schools. Many schools cannot afford to buy high tech tools but they are an absolute necessity. Without such important advances, the students will probably have no experience with modern technology. That will prove to be a setback for their future.

The whole purpose of a school district is to oversee the education of the students and provide them with the necessary education for them to be successful. Without utilizing new technologies, the children are being setup for failure.

Interactive Whiteboards

Classroom Technology EquipmentInteractive whiteboards can be a great addition to the classroom. A teacher can hook up her laptop to a projector and a whiteboard. The whiteboard will show whatever website that is on the computer screen.

This is a useful teaching tool as an entire class can see what is on the teacher’s computer. This allows for the instructor to provide an interactive lesson with real time information. Students find such lessons more interesting than mainstream lectures.


Projectors are slowly becoming the norm for classroom equipment. They have dropped drastically in price over the past few years which make them more affordable. This price decrease makes it easier for districts to supply each classroom with one.

In the past, classes had to share projectors. Most schools only had one or two which would be shuffled from room to room. Educators would have to stick with boring lessons without visual aids because they lacked the time needed with the projectors.

By incorporating projectors into each classroom, the lessons become much more interesting. We all know that it’s hard to hold a child’s attention to begin with, but visual aids make it easier for teachers to keep them on task.

Laptop Computers

Most educators believe that children would benefit if each were provided with a laptop computer. The limited access to the internet would afford them the luxury of information at their fingertips. This makes doing their necessary work less tedious and the outcome will prove more productive.

The laptops can also be linked to the teacher’s computer. This can allow all of the students in the class to be viewing the same website or application at the same time. This makes teaching much more effective.

Laptops provide the students with the ability to hone their skills on a word processor, Microsoft Word and making spreadsheets. These are all important things that they need to accomplish because our society revolves around computer literacy.


Personal Digital Assistants are an asset to every classroom. The teacher is able to link with each student’s PDA. This provides for easy communication of homework assignments, upcoming projects due and test dates.

The personal digital assistant absolutely eliminates a child’s ability to say they forgot they had homework. That excuse is not feasible if the student has a PDA. It just won’t fly anymore.


Although not considered equipment, a school website is a great tool for keeping students, parents and educators in touch. This allows for the working parent to e-mail their child’s teacher at their convenience. Oftentimes, there is a conflict of schedules and the parents are not able to speak with the educator in person. This keeps the lines of communication open for the best interest of the student.

Teachers also list homework, projects, quiz and test dates on their class page. This allows the parents to be proactive in making sure their child is prepared for class. When a school has a website, there are no excuses for students to fall behind as the information is right there. The only problem is in poorer areas when families do not have the money to buy computers for their children. That is another reason that some school districts are working hard to provide each student with a laptop.