Classroom Technology Grants

There are tons of grants available for schools wishing to incorporate modern technology into their classrooms. It is very costly for school districts to fund high tech equipment out of their budgets. Unfortunately, there just isn’t enough money from tax dollars to give the children the needed equipment for the best education. School districts must find other ways to get funding for classroom technology projects.

  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation provide funds through grants for those wishing to include modern technology into their classrooms. For more information about grants from the Gates Foundation, please visit:

  • Classroom Technology GrantsThe Cisco Foundation

The Cisco Foundation provides grant money to areas that do not have the funds to include technology in their curriculum. They focus on the critical need to allow students access to the internet so they will have web communication skills to vault them into becoming computer literate members of society. More information on the Cisco Foundation grant can be found at:

  • The Coca-Cola Foundation

The Coca-Cola Foundation helps to provide kids with the best education they can attain. They provide grants so children can become more knowledgeable and eventually become assets to the world in which we live. To learn more about the grants from Coca-Cola, check out:

  • Computers For Learning

This is an incredible program that donates used federal computers to educational facilities in need. It was developed to ensure that all of today’s children will be able to function and be computer literate in the twenty-first century. The schools can even choose which computers they want out of their available inventory.  Preparing a grant proposal is a fantastic way to jump start the process.  This great program has helped many schools in the past. For more information and to request a donation of available computers, please visit:

  • Corning Incorporated Foundation

Corning offers grants for schools that need financial assistance for technology education. They believe that all children should be knowledgeable about computers. To find out more about Corning Incorporated Foundation’s grants, go to:

  • E School News

Although not a grant program, this page has a listing of new grants available for schools wishing to add technology programs to their curriculum. For further information, check out:

  • The Ambrose Monell Society

The Ambrose Monell Society provides grants for several purposes including education. For application information, please visit:

  • HP Technology Grant for Teaching

HP believes that all students should have access to technology that will catapult them into the twenty-first century. Grants are available for grades K through 16. For further information about HP’s grant program, visit:

  • National Technology Recycling Project

The National Technology Recycling Project is a wonderful thing. They take old, obsolete computers, PDAs, etc. and revitalize them, upgrade them and donate them to schools in need of technology equipment. They are keeping outdated equipment out of the landfills and making them useful for our education system. For more information about the National Technology Recycling Project, please go to:

  • Toyota Foundation

The Toyota Foundation has grants available for education. Please visit:

  • The Zimmer Family Foundation

This is a very small foundation with a big heart. They give grants for a variety of purposes including education. Please visit their website for further details at: It is not uncommon for professional writers are hired to provide quality grant proposal writing assistance.

There are many places where grants can be obtained for the purpose of adding technology equipment to classrooms. It is wise to contact some local businesses to ask for help to purchase the needed products. Most cannot fund the whole project but will be happy to help with maybe one PDA or computer as it is a tax write off for them.

It is also important to carefully read the requirements of each grant. If the grant is for urban areas, do not waste your time and the person who has to read your proposals time if you live in rural America. Much of the grant process is merely common sense. Patience is also a necessity when trying to obtain money from grants as it is a time consuming process.