Modern Tutoring

The Different Types of Modern Tutoring

When it comes to learning, some people learn faster than others. If you are one of those people who have a hard time comprehending subject matter, there is assistance available. This assistance comes from a tutor, who is generally a teacher, upperclassmen or educational professional. You can find a tutor for your tutoring needs through your school or a professional agency, such as Sylvan. Hiring a tutor gives you the extra help you need to comprehend a subject or assignment.

You can find a tutor for various school subjects, such as math, English, foreign language or science, at any grade level. Tutors are also available for specific tests or examinations. If you have a high school proficiency examination, a tutor can help your prepare for that exam. Some students even hire a tutor for ACT and SAT exams. A tutor’s job is meeting your specific educational needs. A tutor is there to help, but it is still your responsibility to learn. Tutors already know the information they are teaching you, and they get paid regardless if you pass a class or test; therefore, you need to be focused and ready to learn.

Your educational institution typically has a tutoring lounge, referred to as a lab in a high school or college setting. These labs allow students to work alone, or in groups. Students go to a lab for help on a specific assignment, not the overall course. As a student, you can go to the tutor lab as often as you would like for assistance. These labs have trained faculty, staff and peer tutors to help with the core areas of study taught at the college or university. Tutor labs are typically free to students. There are allotted times for you to visit a tutor lab, which vary from institution-to-institution.

If you are struggling with a specific class, a one-on-one tutor may be more beneficial to you. Grasping a subject can be difficult, but a one-on-one tutor tailors the sessions to you, so you can learn at your own pace, unlike that in the class atmosphere. Private tutors know what learning style is best for you. For example, instead of sitting at a table for the entire session, your tutor may suggest you move around and work hands-on, which gets you engaged in the lesson. You can contact your student services department, or high school counselor to find a private tutor. A private tutor can be expensive, but if you need the help to pass your class, it is worth the extra money.

Since we live in an internet savvy world, you can find an online tutor for various subjects. There are many online sites set up to tutor students through videos, online chats and downloadable software. You must be self-motivated and willing to complete the packets your online tutors provide you. An online tutor is beneficial if you cannot commit to a specific time; however, there is no guarantee that you will receive the same tutor each time you log into your virtual classroom.

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